Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SL: Definitely not my cup of tea

I'd like to share two reflections after my last experience with SL: first, I'm more of a blogger man, and the capability to create blogs has been the most rewarding of the many things I've learned in this course. The blogger is more individualistic and focused on writing content. Second, my current interests in ELT refer to adult, life-long learning and ESP; and I don't see how to conciliate those realities with SL's ludic interactivity.
I appreciate SL's educative potential, especially with the children of this era of technological revolution. And of course those children will grow up and there will be something beyond Web 3.0 tools for them, for playing and learning. And I especially appreciate the posibility of learning and having fun.
I'd like to share the technical problem I had, that made me waste over one hour and a half of the class: WizIq was asking me to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, and I tried to do it, but couldn't. There is some kind of incompatibility of that program with the navigator I use (Firefox), or maybe the Firefox version I had was faulty. At any rate, I had to go back to Internet Explorer in order to access the class. I have deleted my old Firefox and install a new version of it. I still have to find out if it works properly with WizIq and the other tools we use (I don't see why not). But anyway, it was very frustrating and when I finally entered the class, I was really tired.

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  1. Dear Pedro:
    I am so sorry to know you faced those tech problems. I guess it has to do with simple details we will be managing soon. We just have to try several browsers and see which one it is the most appropriate for your PC needs. Regarding Adobe Flash Player, WiZiQ will always ask you to download or update the program in order to open the virtual room.
    In regards to SL, I think it is a great tool for adult learners, it is just a think of training them and show its enourmous potential for education. Finally, I am glad to know than blogging has become a real interest to you, especially because you work with adults. It is Amelia's blog. I followed her for two years. She was a true inspiration for a lot of people worldwide. She died in May this year
    My best wishes,