Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ICT in ELT/ Technological literacy

As English teachers, we are mostly interested in the application of digital technologies to ELT. Web technologies in particular offer powerful tools and pose new challenges for English teachers. In particular, they demand the constant updating of competences in the use of digital and Web technologies. But many teachers are still in panic and have trouble adapting themselves to this new field. They feel as technologically illiterate.
This course we're taking in the MILE Masters Program is a great opportunity to gain technological skills which will certainly prove to be very useful to us in our development as teachers. As a first step ahead, we can manage the use of such terms as e-learning, online learning, and blended learning.
E-learning is a first approach, in which we enter in contact with tools such as Webpages. It allows obtaining information from the Web, but in a one-directional way. One example of this is the downloading of documents. Online learning implies bi-directional, simultaneous communication. This is illustrated by the class we had using WiZiQ, where we received information but had the chance to communicate directly with our teacher. Blended learning implies the use of both approaches, profitting from the benefits of both.

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