Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project assessment

We finally meet F2F and tie a few loose ends. It was a wise decision to leave the final project precisely as that: a project. If you try to involve people in a web-based task, a thousand things can go wrong, and as Murphy said, if one thing can go wrong, it will probably go wrong in the worst possible way. Anything from a blackout to a virus. Or a chronic problem like the one I'v got with firefox and the cookies.

At any rate, it is clear that you have to adapt your project to the realities of your teaching environment. It's not the same to twit with kids from the Eastern part of the city who get Blackberries on their birthdays than to make a blog with adults from Catia who don't even know what a URL is.

Thus, my project must be focused to a modest, gradual introduction to the tools, following the logic of their own complexity: starting with Web 1.0, on to the creation of blogs, up to their production and maintenance.

It is essential to work with the most knowledgeable of the students first and ask them to act as multipliers with the others.

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