Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A summary of my final e-project

One of the groups I teach at Mision Sucre is cirumstantially composed of students of two disciplines, Law and Social Work. There are three sections of Law students and two of Social Work. I have already assessed the level of technological literacy of the group: as expected, it was very low. However, in each group there are students who are proficient enough to carry on my proposed Lancasterian experiment.
The idea is to pick up one representative student of each group with sufficient previous knowledge in order to introduce them to the techniques of blogging. I don't know yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of these students already knew about the subject (they could even teach me a few things). Afterwards, the representatives will return to the group and show them the knowledge acquired.
This is the sequence I would like to apply: first, every one of the students will make her own personal blog in Wordpress, stating their personal data, working experience, etc. They should at least add a photograph. The next step would be to build a blog in Blogger for the whole class. This will be made by the representatives and the teacher and then shown to the rest of the class. The blog should include the links to every personal student blog. As a final step, a wiki will be made, divided in five parts, one for each section, where the students will apply all they've learned so far.
A final evaluation will be made using the wiki: a reading exercise with a series of questions directed to each group, which will be later reviewed by the whole class.


  1. I find your project very interesting, Pedro. I guess you should apply it when you have the time to do it, and let the other language teachers know if this Lancasterian solution really works. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have plans to use a beautiful infocenter they've got at the Ministry of Higher Ed (have you ever been there?). I believe we can work out something. And of course I'll let you know how it goes

  3. Pedro,
    Your project looks quite interesting. Congratulations! I'd love to know the results as soon as you have the chance to apply it. Regarding the infocenter, I'd love to know one, especially the one you mentioned. Would you be my guide? ;-)

  4. Hi, Eve. I'm planning to visit the infocenter ASAP. I'll let you know. At any rate, it is located in the Esquina del Chorro, the old Banco Union tower. Very nice place

  5. Pedrito Rico, I'm glad I found you. If you like to contact me, my email adress is: . Lately there is a reason for whales to suffer from epilepsy.